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How To Tap Into Phone Calls

tap into phone callsToday we’re going to launch into how you can tap into phone calls from someone’s cell phone.  On this website we’ve look at cell phone tracking and how to monitor text messages, but if you want to listen to phone calls you have to use a different strategy.

There are times when you’ll want to tap into phone calls as you need to be able to hear what someone is saying on the phone calls they make.

And with an advanced piece of technology this is possible – you can hear every phone call from someone’s phone…

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Details on how to tap into phone calls

Just up above I included a link to the website for a software program that makes cell phone tapping a reality this is THE software if you want to tap into phone calls.

SpyPhone Gold has been around for a few years now and it has quickly made itself the most advanced cell phone monitoring program.  Not only does it have the standard features of other monitoring programs, but you are also able to listen to all phone calls along with a few other added features.

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One of the best features is the “spy call” feature – this lets you turn the phone into a bugging device and listen to the phone’s surroundings.  Without the person knowing, you can activate the microphone of the phone and listen to what’s happening where the phone is.

The ability to tap into phone calls and listen to the phone’s surrounding is something you just don’t find on standard cell monitoring programs. SpyPhone Gold packs a lot of power into the one program.


How much does it cost to tap into phone calls?

Obviously it costs a bit more than “regular” programs – it’s about $170.  However for many people being able to listen in to someone’s phone calls will make the cost well worth it.

For full features, check out the official website

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